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Front Runner Large Rack Accessory Lock

Front Runner Large Rack Accessory Lock

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Secure your bicycle to your roof rack or secure it from any unwanted guests with this robust 1.2m, 5-digit combination lock.

The 5-digit combination panel means no keys are needed.

The 1.2m length enables you to secure your bicycle or other gear to your roof rack, and the robust 12mm stainless steel cable ensures nothing will compromise the safety of your gear.



Consists of:

1 x 5-Digit Combination Cable Lock



Materials Used:

Cable: Stainless Steel Wire covered in PVC (polyvinyl carbonate)

Lock Case: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Thermoplastic

Lock shank: Stainless Steel









120cm L x 1.2cm Diameter


14.5cm L x 13.8cm W x 4.5cm H






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