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Front Runner Pro Surfboard, Windsurf & Paddle Board Carrier

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For use with most Surfboards, SUP boards, Wind Surf and Kite Boards. Specially designed to keep your boards safe and secure during transport on the world’s toughest roads. Features variable width adjustment, padded board protection and universal water sport board compatibility.

Made of stainless steel and sealed with the same durable, weather rated powder coating as the Front Runner Slimline Roof Racks.

The ultra dense yet soft weather resistant rubber pads cradle your valuable gear without harming or scratching the surfaces.

The Stratchit strap’s clever cinching system mean easy-on and easy-off secure transport every time.

Adjustable to hold all shapes and lengths of boards across the width and length of Front Runner Slimline Roof Racks or Front Runner Load Bars.

Each Front Runner Board Carrier can hold 1 to 2 boards.

Most Front Runner Roof Racks and Load Bar widths will accommodate a 2nd Front Runner Board Carrier to hold up to 4 boards.

Consists of:

2x Brackets
2x Stratchit Straps
Bolt Kit

Materials used:
Black powder coated 3CR12 corrosion resistant steel

Polyethylene pads

All hardware necessary to mount to a Slimline Roof Rack, Load Bars, or other flat surfaces and Installation Manual included.





L 28cm x W 8cm x H 7cm



Individual bracket: 0.6kg

Entire kit: 2.9kg