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Oryx Wading /Axle & Transmission Breather Kit - Land Rover TD5 Defender/Discovery

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When a vehicle’s warmed Axles and Transmissions come into contact with colder water (during wading for example), sudden cooling causes contraction of the fluids (oil) and air in the unit.  In the absence of a working breather, this water may be sucked past the seals, thereby contaminating the lubricant and potentially causing extensive damage to this running gear.

Most off-road vehicles are fitted (as standard) with breathers for these components, however, venting is most often in the engine bay against the bulkhead and in danger of being partially or fully submerged when wading.

This kit is designed to further raise the vents outside of the engine bay and, thereby, drastically reduce the risk of water infiltration into the Axles or Transmission.

Breather pipes MUST to be kept clear of debris at all times to ensure maximum efficacy.





L 26cm x W 26cm x H 6cm



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