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Front Runner Land Rover Defender Gullwing Window / Glass

Front Runner Land Rover Defender Gullwing Window / Glass

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The Front Runner Glass Gullwing door replaces the rear sliding window of the Defender and allows you to tilt up the window, creating 100% easy access to the contents of your load area.

The locking Front Runner Gullwing Window can be fitted together with the Front Runner Gullwing Box (GWDL004) to create extra gear storage possibilities.  The 6mm toughened glass with tinted laminate allows you to see what is stored, keeps your valuables secure, and adds a stylish finish to your vehicle’s exterior.

Materials Used

6mm Toughened Glass with Tinted Laminate

Black Powder Coated 3CR12 Stainless Steel


1 x Glass Gullwing Door Assembly.

1 x Outer Frame.

1 x Fastening Kit.

2 x Gas Struts.

1 x Right Side Inner Bracket.

1 x Left Side Inner Bracket.

1 x Top inner Bracket.

1 x Bottom Inner Bracket.

Glass Specifications

Visible Light:

Transmission:  44

Reflection Outside:  5

Solar Energy:

Total Elimination:  38

Reflection Outside:  5

Absorption:  1:47

Direct Transmission:  47

SHGC:  0.62

Shading Coefficient:

Ratio:  0.71

U Value:

(W/m2) .K (Center of Glass):  5.8







Overall:  L 1120mm (44.1”) x W 50mm (2.0”) x H 490mm (19.3”)

Door Panel:  L 1044mm (41.1”) x H 414 (16.3”)




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