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Front Runner Rack Mount Shower Arm

Front Runner Rack Mount Shower Arm

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Mount the base plate to the slats on the sides of a Front Runner Roof Rack Tray, then quickly snap in and retract the folded arm for the perfect solution for hanging your solar shower or showerhead.

The Shower Arm unhooks easily from the base and folds in half, compact, to be stored under a car seat or inside a Front Runner Wolf Pack, etc.

Mounts anywhere off the side of a Front Runner Roof Rack.

Lightweight and can carry up to 20l (5.28 gallons) of water suspended from the roof rack.

Please Note: This product is not compatible with Slimsport rack kit range.


Consists of:

Lower shower arm, upper shower arm and a nuts and bolts kit


Materials used:

2.5mm black powder coated stainless steel


Maximum Load Capacity:

25kg (55.1lbs)









53cm L x 12cm W x 9cm H





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