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Mantec 3 Piece ‘Classic’ Raised Air Intake - 200Tdi

Mantec 3 Piece ‘Classic’ Raised Air Intake - 200Tdi

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This classic design based on the original steel version is more flexible when fitting to your Land Rover Defender and is therefore compatible with some designs of external roll cages. Suitable for 200tdi.

Raised Air Intakes (aka snorkels) ensure a cleaner air supply to your engine when driving in dusty conditions and improve your Land Rover’s wading ability for wet or flooded conditions. Regions frequently receiving snowfall will also benefit from a Raised Air Intake to avoid problems from melting ice and snow.

***Also available for 300TDi  and other engines: Part number 116-MAPJ3.***








59cm L x 26cm W x 26cm H (Boxed)




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